InfiniTea by Miss Tea│Review

Today on TAB YouTube I reviewed InfiniTea by Miss Tea. To be honest, I bought this tea back in December of 2015 at the Union Square Holiday Market in NYC.Yeah…I’m just now getting around to reviewing it.

InfiniTea is an herbal loose leaf tea, handcrafted in Brooklyn,NY. The appearance is whole chamomile flowers with large rose hips. The aroma of this tea us chamomile, warm fruit, hay, and faintly minty.

The hot flavor of this tea is rose hips,ginseng,orange, and chamomile. The iced tea has more tangy and sweet notes,you really taste the orange,rose hip, and the ginseng more in the iced tea then in the hot tea.

Overall I love this tea. No matter what time it is, what the weather is like, what I’m doing, whenever I drink this tea I become so happy. It boosts my mood and my makes me feel like anything is possible. The taste, aroma, and aftertaste is pretty neutral, but the effects in you mood is what makes this tea stand out.

Until Next Time,



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