I’ve Changed My Opinion on Tea Bags


Woah, What did Rebekah just say? Awww heck no.

Awww heck yes my dear readers. Something crazy has happened. I’ve changed my opinion on tea bags.

This might not actually seem like a big deal, but for me it is.

Almost everybody in my life knows about Teacups and Blossoms, and my passion for tea. People comment on my videos, friends and family come up to me in church or other social gatherings with comments all relating to,

“I saw your channel! I love tea, but I only drink tea bags…”

When I was at someone’s home, they would apologize for only having tea bags. They felt like they had to apologize! I had one friend buy a tin of loose leaf tea, without me knowing beforehand just for when I come over. That is crazy, sweet and so unnecessary.

I began to be pained every time someone would make comments like this. I felt bad that they felt bad! And it certainly wasn’t what I was trying to accomplish with Teacups and Blossoms, I want to promote tea lovers of every walk of life, not just loose-leaf tea drinkers.

My New View

I never want to make somebody feel bad about drinking tea bags, but I do want to tell teabag users about what they’re drinking. I still want to inform them about all the other options, and why they should start drinking loose leaf. I started out drinking teabags, and you know what? most people drink tea bags!

According to Tea Association of the United States,

“In 2015, more than 69% of hot tea purchased in the U.S. was bagged tea. Herbal teas were at about 30% and loose teas made up just under 1% of purchases.”

Only 1% of tea purchased was loose leaf tea! That is so crazy! This shows me two things, 1) We have some teaching and converting to do, and 2) the majority of tea lovers are drinking tea bags.

I believe that tea is an experience, it is a bonding between two people, it is a story. Make it how you like it, don’t feel bad about it! Not enough bloggers are talking about teabags in a positive light.

Here’s this thing though, if you are serious about tea then your taste and preference will naturally grow.

I will always prefer Loose-Leaf tea over tea bags because I have studied the difference between the quality, taste, production, etc. (Another post about that soon) But this article is me saying that I am no longer cringing when I see tea bags.

Loose leaf tea and education about tea are still the core values of this blog, I’m just going to be adding more reviews and informational videos on teabags.

Your Turn: Do you frown upon people using teabags, or are you a tea bag drinker yourself?

Until Next Time,



5 thoughts on “I’ve Changed My Opinion on Tea Bags

  1. I can definitely relate! Just like with loose leaf, not all tea bags are created equal. There are some pretty decent ones out there. It’s encouraging that more companies are using the pyramid style bags with better quality leaves inside. I mostly drink loose leaf tea but I’m a big believer in enjoying the moment. Every tea deserves to be savored, even if it is in a bag. 🙂


  2. I just wrote a post about how I am finding out that I like tea bags less! There are a few brands of tea that I will continue to drink tea bags from, but otherwise I enjoy loose leaf’s flavor and aroma so much more. It makes me kind of sad that I am sort of “growing out” of tea bags in a way because that’s how my love of tea began. Although, I guess that’s just part of the tea adventure.☺️


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